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The best Country Cover Band in Quebec

Founded more than 5 years ago , The CAJUNS  have an impressive list of major shows behind them , The CAJUNS continue to rise to the occasion with the best setlists country has to offer. The CAJUNS have headlined many great shows and have also had the pleasure of opening for several major artists including Alabama, Dean Brody, Éric Lapointe, Matt Lang, Cayouche, Washboard Union , Ludovik Bourgeois and many others.

With more than 9000 fans on facebook they also bring a crowd of devoted fans to every show!
The group's success is based on a festival atmosphere style of show, a show of professional quality  comprising of a "hits only" set list. Each country music fan ( and a few converts !) has a real country music experience that they never forget. Everyone from line dancers to throwback and even New Country fans will find the show unforgetable.


Founding member of The CAJUNS, Phil Lauzon , ensures a quality show with his incredible country tone and range, do not miss this chance to see them perform near you. The events section of their facebook page is constantly updated so keep you eyes nand ears to the groud friends !

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